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The Process of Listing your Home

Step 1: First visit to your home consists of; defining your needs and looking at your property-this is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions

Step 2: A Comparative Market Analysis is done on your property- which consists of comparing similar homes to yours that are actively up for sale, and also homes that have sold.

Step 3: Second Visit- Reviewing the Market Analysis with you, and deciding on a fair price to put on your property. Staging advice, and any updates that could improve the sale of your home are discussed.

Step 4: Can be done on second visit, or a third visit is booked. Professional pictures are taken of your home, measurements of rooms, and detailed information on upgrades are documented.

Step 5: Valuable paperwork, that you should have handy include; tax bill, utility bills and survey if possible.

Step 6: Listing paperwork is signed. Usual listing commitment is between 2 or 3 months. A sign is placed on your lawn, and a lockbox with your key is installed outside your home.

Step 7: A detailed write up featuring your properties positive assets is prepared, and your property is loaded on to real estate websites listed on this website. It is also advertised on social media. 

Step 8: Open houses are discussed. It is entirely your decision if and when we will host any. All showings are confirmed with you, and after showings, you will receive a feedback report from us.

Step 9: Check page on how to prepare your home for showings, in the Seller’s section.

Step 10: Don't worry- We'll be there every step of the way!

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