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The Process of an Offer

Step 1: Getting Preapproved at a financial Institution.

Step 2: Looking at homes with your realtor, and finding the Home you would like to buy

Step 3: Putting an offer in. As a buyer, you sign a written proposal, that is presented to the Seller. The Seller very often will counter your offer with what they want, and it will go back and forth until you both reach a satisfactory resolution. If you don't come to an agreement of terms, the offer is void, and you move on, with no financial costs.

Step 4: Acceptance of Offer. When both buyer and seller have come to an agreement, the buyer gives a deposit. Usually between $500 to $1000, that will be cashed and held in trust.

Step 5: Fulfilling Conditions. Financing, Inspections, Insurance and others. You have agreed to a specific amount of time to fulfill these conditions. Once you have, and you are happy with the results, you sign a fulfillment of conditions, and you have bought the house firm.

Step 6: Obtaining a lawyer to represent you. Cost will be approx. $800 to $1000 for legal fees. You will also have land transfer fees. In total, you will need approx. 1.5% of selling price of the property you have purchased.

Step 7: Call utility companies and change mailing address.

Step 8: Final Walkthrough- On the day before, or day of- your realtor and you do a final walkthrough the property to make sure it is still in the state you purchased it.

Step 9: Go to your lawyer, pick up the keys- and move in. Welcome Home!

Step 10-Don't worry- We'll be there every step of the way

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